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Emily Budnik, 16, and Remingtyn Kirt, 17, both of Manitowoc, hold their dresses off of the floor as they walk through the prom entrance tunnel which is lined with decorative lights and posters with ballot boxes for prom court voting. Lincoln High School held its prom on Saturday, April 27 at the JFK Fieldhouse in Manitowoc. The theme of the event was "Un-Mask the Night." The following junior couples were members of the court: Natalie Amato and Sam Oswald; Lainey Braun and Carl Samz; Chelsey Duellman and Zach Schuette; Kaitlynn Dunmire and Parker Wood; Kasey Hadler and Sander Hansen; Michaela Jagemann and Wesley Lodel; Remingtyn Kirt and Zac Younchild; Alex Luedkte and Ben Kohls; Megan Reinhard and David Wronkowski; Karly Rosinsky and Noah Clayton; Taylor Winkel and Logan Rooney; and Britney Youngchild and Drew Dixon.